Language for learning Danish. Learn these phrases by heart – they will surely come in handy!

Danish English Audio
Jeg har et spørgsmål. I have a question.
Hvordan siger man “coffee” på dansk? How do you/does one say “coffee” in Danish?
Man siger “kaffe”. You say/One says “kaffe”.
Hvad betyder “kaffe”? What does “kaffe” mean?
Det betyder “coffee”. It means “coffee”.
Giver det mening? Does it make sense?
Ja, det gør det. / Nej, det gør det ikke. Yes, it does. / No, it doesn’t.
Er der nogen ord, vi skal snakke om? Are there any words we need to talk about?
Ja, det er der. / Nej, det er der ikke. Yes, there is. / No, there isn’t.
Hvordan udtaler man det her ord? How do you pronounce this word (here)?


For more useful phrases and words related to learning Danish, you could do the first level of this Memrise-course. It includes a lot of vocabulary for talking about grammar and doing classroom exercises in Danish.

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