If you feel like you are struggling with Danish grammar, I’d strongly recommend these websites: Vores Fællessprog (“Our common language”, exercises and explanations in English, Spanish, French, Turkish, etc.) and (lots of exercises and explanations in English).

The key to understanding the grammar of Danish will often be to first understand a little about the grammar of your own language. The links above provide you with definitions of verbs, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, etc., and they explain the conjugation, parsing and inflection of the different words in Danish, and at Vores Fællessprog the explanations are available in many different languages, e.g. Spanish, English, French, Turkish, Arabic, etc.

I will also try to add some explanations to this website in the future, and you can find all available articles about grammar in sub-menu for “Grammatik”.

If you go through the Memrise courses listed on this website, you’ll also learn quite a bit of grammar, but you will find that the articles on this website are more detailed. While you wait for me to write up an entire book on relevant Danish grammar for learners of Danish, Vores Fællessprog and are great tools for quickly looking up grammar-related concepts and doing lots of exercises.

One disadvantage of Vores fællessprog is that it uses the Danish words for the different word classes while most Danish language teachers and text books use the words derived from latin, i.e. a “noun” in Danish can be called either a “substantiv” or a “navneord”. “Substantiv” is a word derived from latin for a noun in Danish, and “navneord” is the more “real” Danish word for a noun. However, if you simply refer to the explanations in your own language, it should be fairly obvious what word class they are talking about.

Otherwise, please refer to the table below.

English Danish (from Latin) Danish (alternative name)
Verb Verbum  Udsagnsord
Noun Substantiv  Navneord
Pronoun Pronomen  Stedord
Adjective Adjektiv  Tillægsord
Adverb Adverbium  Biord
Preposition Præposition  Forholdsord
Conjunction Konjunktion  Bindeord
Word order  Ordstilling

(Now… look at the table above and tell me: How do you say “word” in Danish? Dare to venture a guess …?)



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