Dansk online

Danish television online

DR: https://www.dr.dk/tv
DR (‘Danmarks Radio’) is free of charge (except for the “medielicens“).  Scroll down until you see the headline “Mest sete” (“most viewed/seen”), and you’ll be sure to find something that, at least, a lot of Danes are also watching. I would recommend picking a show and watching multiple episodes of that same show. In that way, you’ll always get the same “frame” so you can focus more on listening to and understanding the people in the show and not trying to figure out what exactly it is you’re watching. The content of DR’s website changes from time to time, so it’s difficult to recommend a specific show as it might no be on the website when you are reading this. However, I would always recommend shows that are about everyday life and in which normal Danes talk at a normal pace (i.e. not the News or debate programmes, as they speak really fast), so browsing through the Livsstil (‘lifestyle’) or the Underholdning (‘entertainment’) categories might be a great option for you. I like most of the shows from DR3, which are targeted at the 15-39-year-olds, so if you think we’d have the same taste of television shows, check it out. 🙂

You can also listen to the radio online at http://www.dr.dk/radio/ (I recommend P1 (only talking) or P3 (young-ish and music/talking), but there are many different channels you can check out on your own), and DR has an “easy read news” section at http://www.dr.dk/ligetil. The “Læs op” (‘read out loud’) function is okay, but it’s a bit robotic.


Puls online

The ‘Puls’ textbook series have websites associated with the first two books:

Puls 1http://ny.alfabetadigital.dk/index.php/portal/puls-1

Puls 2http://ny.alfabetadigital.dk/index.php/portal/puls-2

You need a login to access the exercises (if you’re one of my students, talk to me if you haven’t received your login or you’ve lost it), but you don’t need a login to access the sound files.


Kontakt online

Kontakt‘ is a book for DU2-students at beginner’s level, but even if you are at a higher level, you will still be able to get a lot out of the book’s website. All exercises on the website can be accessed without a login, and you will surely have a solid foundation on which to build on if you complete all the exercises: http://kontakt.gyldendal.dk/


Samtaledansk online

For the videos and sound files used with the two books in the series ‘Samtaledansk’ (book 1 & book 2), please see http://samtaledansk.dk/. You need a login to access the site (if you’re one of my students, talk to me if you haven’t received your login or you’ve lost it).


Modultest online

If you want to practice for a module test, you can use http://modultest.dk. You need a login to access the site (if you’re one of my students, talk to me if you haven’t received your login or you’ve lost it). If you’re unsure about what test you should prepare for, talk to your teacher. 🙂


Taste of Danish

Liam from Taste of Danish teaches Danish online, and he’s at least as enthusiastic about Danish as I am. He offers private lessons, but his website also contains lots and lots of awesome resources if you are interested in learning the language: awesome Danish language videos, music, texts, and much, much more: https://www.tasteofdanish.com/


Danish pronunciation

Awesome videos on Danish pronunciation (and the Danish language in general) can be found in abundance on YouTube. I’d start with these if I were you: (I did not make them, but they are awesome nonetheless).

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